Leisure Noise
13th September

Nick Stamoulis
"Perhaps the best album of 1999. . ."

3rd July

Shakesperian fool
This band clearly demonstrates how much thrillin' english pop (simple "pop", not all that "britpop" shite and stuff) music is. I am from Italy and I bought Leisure Noise at an illegal import price, but it's anyway ok...some italian tour dates and a backstage pass for me will be good to earn all my forgiveness :)

What can I say about LN? Well, it's a wonderful, concise, direct blast of 30 years of cool music. It is interesting to see finally a band formed by two "big league" music writers, and especially to see how they are good with the instruments...it's not just a fact of musical references...the boys have the tunes also! :)

They have the tunes, the right guitars, the right attitude, and the right image...so, I wish them to conquer the world, soon or less. Highlights of LN: "Dimstar", "Black Ghost", "Different Kind Of Blue", and the 2 singles!!

13th June

Ben Montague
From start to end this is fantastic music. Dimstar is one of the best opening songs I've heard, and Jesus Christ is a beautiful way to cap off a brilliant album. I thought To Earth with Love and Joy would make my expectations too high, but they were more than satisfied!

Gay Phil
Gay Dad truely have spit in the face of the latest indie fads by producing an album of pure pop with a difference! From debut single 'To Earth With Love' to the American Rock style new single 'Joy' the album is packed with brilliant tracks that'll have you listening all Summer!

Top 3 Tracks
1. To Earth With Love
2. Pathfinder
3. My Son Mystic

11th June

Iain Dunn
I was really pleased with the arrival of this album, it gave me funky 70's nostalgia and is one of the best albums this year.

Matt Rose
So this is what was missing from my music collection. I'll look forward to seeing them at V99.

10th June

Jenna Beckett
A vision for life in the new millenium. The album is shrouded in androgeny and mysticism, yet it appeals to the inner core of every '90s teenager or twenty something. At times the style borrows from all that was glam in the seventies (with a hint of Bolan and lines such as '....Put your platforms on' from To Earth With Love). This is something we need as the nineties draw to a close. With a sprinkling of glitter and some delicious 'from the bollocks' melodies Jones et al enchant us into believing the scene might rejuvenate itself just in time for the millenium (at last). From the mellow 'Black Ghost' to the more energetic 'Dateline' or 'Joy', the album is an image of purity and perfection. Cliff creates a legend in the making. And I for one am their latest disciple.

How long have been waiting for this?

Crazee Lady
With Leisure Noise in one hand and a copy of select in the other I made my way to the checkout (yes checkout, who knew tesco had so much to offer??) I was sure I would work this "Gay Dad thing" out one way or the other. After hearing the quality of JOY! I had to sample the rest, afer all I did miss them playing in my home town (Liverpool) and, if it was a pile of crap I would not be losing out on much. So, as quick as I got home I sprinted up the stairs to my room, shoved in the cd, cranked it up full blast and wallowed. I quickly flicked through the pages until I saw it, no, not the austin powers poster....although that was pretty cool, ...no, what im talking about is much bigger, Yes it was a miracle, I was reading one of the most frank and funny interviews I had read all year, mix this with dateline and its all rather great. for me anyway......bangin album peeps, keep it up ! Alright LLLLLLAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Stephen Wright
Absolutely fucking brilliant. I cant say how much i like this albulm with its melodic tunes and upbeat corkers, cant wit to see them at Glastonbury.

Ben Wener
Wow, the 2 singles were superb but even I didnt think they could follow it up. How wrong I was. Leisure Noise is the best album I've heard since Six by Mansun. The Soho Sq gig was fantastic and they have proven to me they can pull it off live. All of the tracks are great, Dimstar, My Son Mystic and TEWL being my current faves. Excellent stuff.

9th June

Mr C Supernova
Top album, some great tracks and a range of songs from pure glam rock genius to the mellow, radiohead-esque Different kind of blue. Spread the word, Gay dad is the future.

Stephen Wright
Gay Dad are good. Leisure Noise is good. The Whitehead Crew are good.

Paul Rogers
Better than anticipated, the hype well founded, look forward to see you live.

8th June

Hannah Webber
I was wandering round Our Price with 12 a few days ago, looking for an album to buy. I was immediatly drawn to 'Leisure Noise'. That was the best 12 I have ever spent! I am addicted to album after just 1 and a half listens. I think my favourite tracks at the moment are Dimstar, Oh Jim and Joy! A definate feel good summer album. I am now on a mission to convert all my friends to Gay Dad followers!

Oh, and Cliff is pretty damn cute too - always an added bonus!

Isabella D'Avery
Thank the Lord, they delivered. After two shockingly good singles, and a large stack of excellent gigs the album is finally released, and perhaps at last the toilet-headed cynics will hear Gay Dad in all their shimmering, gorgeous glory. From 'out-there' space-rock ["Black Ghost"] to gritted-teeth extravaganza ["Dateline"], the band have succeeded on every level their outlandishly daring debut attempts.

Highlights include "Oh Jim", in which Cliff throws a traditional rock vocal into a pit of squelchy guitars and the rousing gospel fade out on "Joy!" ["Goodbye, my darling/ I'm ready to die"]. The album proves that the raw talent which Britain has been treated to since "To Earth With Love" [which, incidentally, is top] has been co-ordinated, polished and harnessed to produce THE summer album.

Adam Godfrey
Brilliant debut album that manages to fuse different musical styles and influences and still sound unique! Not a bad track on the album and one which puts most of this years pop/rock releases to shame! It just makes me laugh how one particular reviewer I saw gave it a lower rating than the new Geri Halliwell album! Oh dear !

Manny Rossiter
Excellent, its even better since its signed, and the soho square gig was the best too. great start to a promising band, well I think so anyway.

7th June

Jayke Robi
I heard on May 31st a promotion CD where I work and their idea of Gay Rock is going to revitalise New Romantic music and Rock.

Rich Miller
First impressions were great and after a few listens you really get into the sound and lyrics great album guys.

Michael Fellows
I have a advance copy here and I think its Brillant! I think 8 songs could be singles. My fave song right now would be: DIMSTAR anyhow go run out and buy it.

Jason Dobson
This album is a superlative effort from a band people are only too happy to knock. Indeed, Cliff Jones' honey dipped voice oozes perfection and confidence in the first track 'dimstar'. What is noticable about this album is its lush production; great orchestral sweeps fill the soundtrack from without and give it an unearthly quality -which says it all really, this album is interstella.

James Whelan
Ilove gay dad because I am gay.

Mike Rowe
Classic, listened to it twice & I'm in to every track right away. Jesus Christ I like that track the only thing wrong with it is it only has 10 tracks I WANT MORE! I do have the singles as well. Well I'll see u @ V99 congratulations to gay dad ona classic album!

Chris Kasa
I thought it was a truely great album. Despite the critics somtimes mixed response to Gay Dad you cannot deny that Lesiure Noise is one of the most varied, stylish and polished debut albums released. Where the album really shines is in the hypnotic 'spacey' moments throughout songs like 'Dateline' and 'Black Ghost'. Those were both my favoutrites but even songs like To Warth with Love which after the initial release lost their edge seem renewed of life in the context of the other songs. The only song I havn't grown to like after 12 hours of owning it is 'Jesus Christ' the last song on the album. What dad fans must also understand though is that this is only their first album, the Dad havn't quite foun their sound yet, but still this is certainly the most impressive debut album since Pearl Jam's '10' in my opinion. Well worth buying. Also if like me you love the spacier side to gay dad check out the 'To Earth with Love' single for the b-side 'US Roach' which really should have been included on Leisure Noise.

Matt Bennett
Not being a big Gay Dad fan I bought the album on a whim, and on the first listen I quite liked it. Its definitely an album that will grow on me. I've listened to it twice and it was much better on the second listen. The best album track is Oh Jim by far.

Darren Singleton
Wow - brilliant album - interesting lyrics and some top songs - my favourite being Black Ghost. Gay Dad are gonna go far - I can tell!!!

Dominic Lacovara
Fucking excelent, keep it up, best thing since blue oyster cult... hehe

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