As a gay dad, I am always interested in hearing about other gay dad’s experiences in coming out to their families, but we don’t often hear about the effects that has on the children. Here, Jeff Campbell talks candidly about his relationship growing up with a gay dad.

‘From my earliest memories of my Dad, around aged five, I think I always knew he was gay. Thus, I never had that aha moment of realizing “I have a gay father”!

But my childhood was far from conventional.

My Mom and Dad were married over a decade before I came along. They went through a number of miscarriages and were all but ready to give up, when I was born in 1964.

But somehow, despite all they’d been through (or perhaps because of it), they divorced shortly after I was born.

By the time I was 2 or so, my Mom had remarried. Then we moved to Philadelphia; a long way from my Dad.  For the next several years, I would only see my Dad a handful of times a year.

It wasn’t until I was in my mid-30’s, with my step-father long deceased, that I forced myself to start calling my father “Dad”.  It felt unnatural at first because our relationship felt forced.  We never had the traditional father-son roles, and so trying to forge that out of almost nothing took time.’

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Jeff Campbell is in his early 50’s and lives in Austin, Texas. He is married and has 2 daughters approaching their teenage years. If you’re a dad or a parent and sometimes face challenges with parenting, relationships, personal finance, health and projects around the house, visit his website HERE.
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