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V99 Chelmsford Saturday 21st August

Matt Rose
One of the best live acts I saw at V99. Never seen them live before and made sure I was at the front to soak it all up. I did and it was fantastic. Considering that 'Oh Jim' did not do well at all eveyone seemed to know that words and seemed extreemly pleased to hear Cliff announce it - this promted him to say 'someone bought it then'.

All songs played sounded better than ever live, they are a very tight band, not a duff note sang or plyed. Cliff does actually have a very strong, powerfull voice and the addition of a (sorry I don't know her name) black female vocalist added a very nice touch to the songs.
Track list as far as I can remeber, not in any particular order :

Date Line
Oh Jim
Black Ghost
Dim Star
To Earth With Love

Standard bottle throwing exercise was there as usual (never can understand why people do that) at one point Cliff exclaims 'You missed you fucker' the guy through no more bottles....The performance finnished off with Joy which was exactly that, everyone was jumping and singing along and it dounded better than ever. I hope Gay Dad enjoyed playing the gig as much as I enjoyed seeing it.

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