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Astoria, London 3rd July

A rather dissapointing turn out of badly dressed youngsters and more mature peeps alike didn't stop Gay Dad from playing a stunning, if short set of magic pop tunes. The venue was lit up in different colours, and set misty with the smoke machine, top of the pops style. Cliff looked better then ever, although one suspects he may have had a late night because he kept his cool aviator sunglasses glued to his head throughout the whole gig. Did the usually thing of jumping off the stage for a bit and getting a big closer to us - he is a true star. Nigel looked stunning as a wind machine consistently blew his hair off his face throughout the gig, Charley rocked in her own special way as always, we all smiled. Horrible boys started crowdsurfing - I really wouldn't mind if they had the sense to wear nice shoes, but being kicked in the face with a rebok classic isn't something to write home about.

Chris Kasa
Gay Dad make great songs, Gay Dad perform well and Gay Dad act really cool when you meet them, however Gay Dad have shit crowds. Never have I been to a more boring gig from a crowds point of view, nobody jumped around or moshed at all except in their last fucking song! (Joy!) on several occasions me and my freinds tried to get everybody going but we never succeded. As Joy! came on miraculously everyone decided to have a little fun and once I crowdsurfed everyone else started to.

The songs they played were:- (i can't really remember the order to well after U.S Roach)
to earth with love (lesiurenoise)
u.s roach (to earth with love b-side)
dimstar (leisure noise)
a diferent kind of blue (leisure noise)
joy!(leisure noise)
my son mystic (leisure noise)
oh jim (leisure noise)
desire (joy! b-side)
my friends and I (UNRELEASED)

U.S Roach ruled cause it's such a cool song and Joy! ruled because of the mosshing and the new song (my friends and I) sounds promising so it was a really cool gig in all. Afterwards I met Cliff, Baz, James and Nigel although Charlie was nowhere to be seen and they were all really great, freindly people although Cliff was a bit edgy cause he was worried about a stalker who had been following him for ages who that day had forged a backstage pass and everything!


Tony Burroughs
I saw Gay Dad at the London Astoria on 3rd Jully 1999, the played an excellant set, Cliff has real attitude and the gig was fun.

One of the best bands Ive seen live, Joy and Dimstar were highlight. We jumped and had so much fun. With a little Joy a little Joy!

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