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Botanic Gardens Belfast 2nd May

I saw Gay Dad at Botanic Gardens Belfast on the second of May 1999. The crowd was mainly subdued and confused, waiting around for the later acts of Catatonia and The Cardigans, this new band with an outstanding name appear with a new energy, a new sound. They graced the stage with new talent that has not been seen in the last few years in the music industry. Unfortunatly the crowd, mostly containing dad rockers and teenie-boppers waiting for the latter acts, did not appreciate the group as much as a hardcore group of fans who in fact worshipped Cliff and Gay Dad. Moshing to songs we had never herd, and trying to guess the lyrics to sing along was interesting to say the least. At one point my mate Tim engaged in a sort of tribal danse with Cliff, which made my day even more complete. After hearing the first two singles I am eagerly awaiting the forthcoming album, gay dad seem to be the only good NEW group at the minute to grace the music weeklies and long may it con!tinue.

Stephen Wright

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