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Bristol Fleece and Furkin, 8th March 1999

On coming to the tiny, but comfortably close venue, I was surprised at the newness about Gay Dad. Having only heard From Earth With Love a few days previous, I thought there and then that this was a band that could put the groove back into my rapidly stagnating music collection. The support band, One Lady Owner were the worst support I've seen in all my 8 gig going days, but luckily they came and went. The sad thing was that Paul Gallagher, the fat bastard brother, was there as one Lady Owner are on his label and oddly he declined Gay Dad. Strange! Well Cliff enter the arena and played his socks off. The songs were excellent including Oh Jim, which Cliff touted as the next single. Big lie I must add. The only sad spots were Cliff's slightly lame retorts towards the customary hegglers. A must band for the future I fear. See you on the other side.

Robsy 'Ned' Bakes

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