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Rock City - Nottingham 17th May 1999

Stephen Strang

It was impossible not to feel Gay Dads presence in Nottingham last night - not in a strange "Star Wars" type way, but more due to the fact that every lamp post in a 1/2 mile radius of the venue had been graced with its very own "Joy" poster. Even before the gig, you could tell it was going to be special.

When the doors finally opened and the essential T-shirt purchase had been made I was amazed when we were ushered away from the main Rock City stage area and into a small downstairs setup. The room was tiny and I started to wonder if the gig might turn out to be a little bit of a disappointment.

When the first band "Countermine" finally took the stage my fears were worsened, they weren't particularly a bad band, but they weren't particularly good either. Try to imagine "3 Colours Red" but even more unoriginal and boring.

The second band of the night "Technique" were a big improvement, somehow managing to mix elements of dance, hard rock and pop without sounding crap. The female vocalist had a good voice and the band sounded great - they could very well be huge in the near future.

Anyway, onto the main purpose of the review GAY DAD!

Some people might describe the gig as dull, lifeless and even crap! Those people however, would then be placed in a dark room and forced to listen to Catatonia until their ears bled (which let's face it wouldn't take long).

To say this gig was excellent just wouldn't do it justice - Gay Dad ARE Britains best live act bar none!

When they finally took to the stage at around 9.45 the venue had filled up quite considerably and was brimming with fans (and a few guys in "Scorpions" T-Shirts who were probably expecting a normal Rock City club night).

The band opened with a great track, apparantly called "Dateline" and it rocked (as did virtually everything else they played). The only problem with the gig was that I didn't know many of the songs, but it was so good that this didn't really matter.

Of the few songs I did recognise, I can honestly say they sounded even better live than on CD - perhaps they'll put some live tracks out as B-Sides in the future?

At one point Cliff climbed into the crowd and literally stared me in the face during the chorus of another amazing new track called "Desire", which is a b-side from the forthcoming "Joy" single.

The crowd was quite tame during the first few songs and Cliff's question of "What do you want to hear?" was greeted by a slightly embarrassing silence. He then responded with "Silence is not an option" and so I let out a cry of "To Earth With Love" which the band then played a storming rendition of (much to the annoyance of the guy who shouted "Joy" about a second later and was told by Cliff to wait his turn).

At this point in the gig, the crowd livened up considerably with the mosh pit finally getting some life and everyone really getting into the music.

Later in the gig we got some "Hot B-Side" action (Cliffs own words) in the form of "US Roach" and were blessed with the superb "Joy" - a song that deserves the number one spot even more so than "To Earth With Love".

The only really bad thing about the gig was that it had to end, I've seen loads of bands and none (except maybe Aerosmith) could compare to the brilliance of Gay Dad. Based on the music I heard at the gig "Leisure Noise" will be a fantastic album and I personally can't wait for it's release.

Paul Ross
I turned up at the gig expecting to see a bunch of hyped up muppets that churned out the usual bland shit. Instead I saw a bunch of energetic muppets who were well worth turning out for... on a fuckin Monday night as well. Gay dad are more than just a good single and a clever name. I look forward to the album with great expectations. Get this, a lead singer... who can sing. Go see them if you can kids.

Jamie Bryan
I must agree with the Review by Mr Paul Ross. I turned up expecting a couple of good songs and of lot of shit ones, but I was pleasently suprised at the whole set. Tight, Fun, and will leave you with a smile as wide as Vanessa's arse!

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