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XFM - Sound Republic, Leicester Square. Thursday 20th May.

If you've ever been to Sound Republic in Leicester Square, you will know that this is one small venue, probably one of the smallest gigs I've ever been to. The sound is amazing, it normally runs as a nightclub for the tourists at weekends, but don't let that put you off, it's excellent to go see a live band.

Now if you have never seen Gay Dad live, then what ever you do if you get the chance GO, especially if its free, thanks XFM. I first saw Gay Dad supporting Mansun back in October 98, I must admit I was drawn to the Mansun gig by hundreds of Gay Dad posters helpfully leading me to Brixton Academy. Gay Dad being support I didn't really take much time to listen to them, which I now regret, but the brief set which they played at Sound Republic certainly made up for it, the production was superb and slick and along with the help of Denise Johnson, who has sung with Primal Scream and Electronic on backing vocals the melodies were, well melodic.

The eight tracks they played; don't know what the first track was called, Dim Star, Oh Jim, To Earth with Love, Desire, US Roach, Mystic (from Leisure Noise) and of course Joy, were strung together precisely, but without a doubt the singles To Earth with Love and Joy sent the hundred or so crowd into a frenzy, personally I prefer the B side stuff although without a doubt Joy will be a hit. Lets hope there's more of this stuff to come on Leisure Noise, the debut album still without a confirmed release date.

All I can say is I can't wait to see them at the ICA on the 9th June. One thing that did amuse me was when Cliff introduced Joy as The Kraut Rock Monster, Joy is certainly not Kraut Rock but is most definitely great Rock Pop, sorry Cliff if that offends you, and if you are still asking yourself is he actually Gay, I would have to say he plays up to it but I think not, but then again I could be wrong.

Long live the daddy.

The Daddy himself

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