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Soho Square, 7th June

Manny Rossiter
I came up from kent all excited to be going to my first real gig. when I got there, it was raining a little and when the rain stopped and Cliff Jones came out, I could feel that this was gonna be something special. Now, concidering I went there on the fact I'd only heard Joy and saw them on Jools Holland, my instinct on Gay Dad being one of the best up and coming bands of 99 was right. throughout the show, the sheer classiness and brilliance that they showed, even when Cliffs' guitar fell over, it still sounded f**king great. and what can I say when this great band finishes with a great song preformed better than I'd ever heard it. it will alway stick in my head, the first time I saw Gay Dad in what I feel was one of the best shows I've ever seen in my life.

Rudolf Janssen
I was wondering through Soho Square one day on a dismal grey half rainy day, you know that anoying weather that doesn't know it`s arse from it's elbow.... only to discover... GAY DAD, right there in front of me and in full swing. I heard a lot of my friends slag them off as short lived egotistical product of the ever fickle music industry. BUT.. as I generally persive myself to be independantly minded, I always choose to ignore these comments until faced with the whole album, or at least hear what they had to say without the aid and cosmetic dress-up of a slick producer with more toys than Eddie Hamley jnr (as in the toy store) So I listend... watched...
It makes you realise why you have the freinds that you do, you trust their judgement... Gay Dad ... the greatest flash in the pan since mo molem went into lap dancing.

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